5 Fat Free Foods to Taste the Stomach
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3 Fat Free Foods to Taste the Stomach

3 Fat Free Foods to Taste the Stomach – Who does not want to have a flat stomach. Try consuming a source of fat-free food but still delicious consumed.

Health problems are now not only attacking mature people but also attacking young people, even children. Some kids have problem with diabetes and can’t live without insulin injection. Teenagers get high blood pressure that brings the other diseases to their body. Oftentimes, people who live with disease feel depressed since they can’t touch many kinds of food they love and required to consume healthy yet nasty-taste meals. As well educated nutritionist, you can help those people by organizing attractive nutrition health promotion programs.

Organize interesting nutrition health promotion programs like nutrition and health care fair to show your attendees about how to set up diet meals and snacks that are not only healthy but also tasty at once. Since the diet for each disorder is different, make sure you show your attendees about healthy and tasty menu for different disorders. Stimulate your attendees to be creative in arranging diet menus for themselves by giving them a sample simple recipe that is appropriate with their condition and their disorder.

The attendees of your nutrition health promotion programs have favorite foods. Some of them couldn’t taste their favorite foods anymore. Help them forgetting their favorite foods by building a booth where you can demonstrate special alternative foods for people with disorders. The fair types of health promotion programs above are the best way to help people live easier with their disorders.

Forget junk food, instant noodles or preserved food. Because the impact is very much, especially disturbing health. Here are 5 sources of fat-free foods that can help shrink your stomach.


Nuts are not only rich, but there are also sources of iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium and fiber. These foods are also low in fat which can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Spinach and Yogurt

These green vegetables contain antioxidants such as flavonoids and carotenoids, minerals like magnesium, zinc and selenium, vitamins C and E. If you eat spinach also helps increase metabolism. If you want a healthy and fast breakfast, choose yogurt. Add fresh fruits to add to the nutrients you need.

Apple and Orange

One apple comes with plenty of minerals, fiber and water of only 95 calories. Replace your packaged snacks with apples if you want to be healthier. One of the low-calorie snacks is 62 calories per piece. Orange is also rich in vitamin C which increases metabolism and antioxidants that ward off belly fat.


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