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5 Easy Steps to Lose Weight Without Exercise

5 Easy Steps to Lose Weight Without Exercise – If an overweight person goes to a doctor, they are usually advised to lose weight to avoid serious illness. But we all know, most people find it difficult to lose weight because they are accustomed to an unhealthy lifestyle. Especially when the environment is also not supportive.

To lose weight, two things that are easy to do is diligent exercise and maintain your diet. However, dense activity may sometimes be an excuse not to exercise or prepare a healthy diet.

When you fall into that category of people, you no longer need to worry.There is an easy way to lose weight without regularly doing both activities;

1. Diligently weigh

According to the Journal of Obesity, weighing regularly can help you learn to lose weight quickly. The researchers say, if every day you set foot into the scales for a year, weight can be reduced to 2.5 kg per year.


2. Eat before shopping

For women, shopping is a fun activity. Sometimes they do not feel tired even though moving from one stand to another stand and not realize already spent hours. This activity is actually not only able to please yourself, but also easy steps to weight loss. It’s good if you want to shop, buy healthy snacks.

A recent study revealed, when people eat one or more pieces of fruit before shopping, then the stomach will be fuller. It minimizes the possibility of buying fast food. It is usually after shopping people become hungry and what often comes to mind is buying fast food.


3. Play tetris

You must be familiar with this game beam. According to research in 2015 published by Addictive Behaviors, building blocks for three minutes can suppress the desire to eat up to 20%. That’s because while playing people tend to focus on the cognitive ability of the game so that the desire to eat diverted.


4. Walking

Maybe you do not have any special time to exercise. But you can still walk on sneakers for at least 30 minutes a day. A study in China found people who regularly walked for 12 weeks waist size will be reduced by 1.6 inches.


5. Close your eyes

According to research from Stanford University, sleep is very important in keeping the desire to eat. Because, if a person is sleep deprived, it triggers a gherkin hormone that increases the desire to eat more and lower levels of leptin hormone that tells the body when it is full.

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