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5 Tips to Enjoy Food on Vacation, Guaranteed Not Make Fat!

5 Tips to Enjoy Food on Vacation, Guaranteed Not Make Fat! – Vacation to a place is less satisfied it was not to enjoy local dishes. But, do not get too complacent with the typical food. You can still taste it but must still pay attention to body weight. Surely you do not want to gain weight after the holidays.

A nutritionist gives tips on how to enjoy food during the holidays without worrying about body weight. Here are tips you can follow;

1. Arrange breakfast at the hotel

When you are on vacation, of course you need a place to stay. If by chance you stay at the hotel, of course the hotel provides typical food area. You can enjoy traditional dish on the first day of stay. The next day, you do not need to eat the same foods. Choose healthy foods such as eggs or salads.


2. Eat attentively

When on vacation, people tend not to realize that they are already full because it is done with other activities. Take pictures or social media updates for example. To prevent this, remove all electronic items and leave other activities to keep you focused on the food on the table.


3. Eat dessert to taste

Dessert is a favorite food for many people. But remember, dessert contains a lot of sugar so it has a negative impact on body weight. So, you just eat one dessert which is really your favorite food.


4. Maintain snacking habits

Snacks are foods that you can not miss while on vacation. But, you’ll want to prepare a healthy snack like fruit. And if you’re not really hungry yet, you do not need to eat snacks. In addition to snacks, you also have to pay attention to drinks during the holidays. Many people love to drink soda, fruit juice, or syrup while on vacation. Though those drinks contain many calories.


5. Stay active during vacation

Fitness facilities are now available throughout the hotel. Have a visit to the fitness center at the hotel at least 20 minutes before you have breakfast. You can also swim when the hotel where you stay there is a swimming pool facility. In addition, when exploring the sights, multiply on foot. Even if the adjacent tourist attractions, rather than using the means of transportation you should walk alone.

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