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5 Tips to Lose Weight After Age 40 Years

5 Tips to Lose Weight After Age 40 Years – Age continues to grow, but that does not mean ignoring the weight that also increases. However, losing weight over the age of 40 years is not as easy as it was when it was a teenager.

As you get older, decreasing your metabolic rate makes it hard to lose weight. Anything that goes on as part of a diet and exercise plan may not really work as it was in youth.

Moreover, in women, hormonal changes occur after the age of 40 years. It also includes menopause, and can make weight loss a difficult task.

But, that does not mean women should be resigned to the weight that continues to rise. Weight loss after the age of 40 years is actually still possible to do.

Here are some tips for losing weight for women over the age of 40 years quoted from the Boldsky page:

1. Light exercise

Women generally have lower natural muscle mass. Aging can spend any muscle mass that is owned by women. Building some muscles with light exercise can help you burn some calories. Journal books can help you maintain your weight. Consistently keeping track of what you eat helps to enjoy nearly 50% larger weight loss strategies. This is one of the best tips for losing weight over the age of 40 years.

2. Take a walk every day

Adding a walk to the routine helps you achieve a healthier weight. Staying active can help you burn more calories and lower your risk of injury. Adding exercises to tighten the leg muscles can help lower a few kilograms of the lower body. In addition to muscle tightening, this exercise can also burn more calories.

3. Increase Omega 3 intake

If you want to see the smaller waist size, then have to add some fish into the daily diet menu. Adding foods rich in omega 3 helps to lose weight quickly, because it makes the stomach fuller longer.

4. Increase fiber consumption

Hormonal changes can cause problems in weight and waist circumferences with age. But, increasing fiber consumption will help you in losing weight. Furthermore, fiber-rich foods also help remove bulging stomach and accelerate the process of digestion.

5. Avoid sugary foods

You should avoid consuming sweet foods as they get older. The study also found an association between artificial sweeteners and obesity with excess fat in the abdomen. Drinking green tea every day helps weight loss. The study also suggested that adding green tea in daily diet to increase the ability to burn fat to 12%.


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