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6 Healthy Tips to Increase Weight Loss for the Skinny Want

6 Healthy Tips to Increase Weight Loss for the Skinny Want – Not only less pleasing to the eye, having a body that is too thin or wiry can affect health. Because, can be a sign of the body does not get enough nutrition.

However, adding a healthy weight can be an easy job. The key is to control your appetite to gain weight to a healthy limit.

Here are tips to gain a healthy weight for the skinny:

Healthy Breakfast and Self Cooking

After a long night, a healthy breakfast helps you boost your metabolism. Increased metabolism is important to stimulate hunger.¬†People find good food if they feel their own cooking. So, if you do not know how to cook food or beginners, try learning to cook. It’s always healthier if you cook yourself, it’s also good for your appetite.

Eat Small and Drequent Meals

This is important because 2 key reasons. First, psychologically, eating small portions of food is less daunting than consuming in large quantities. Second, it is important that we give food enough time to digest.

Eating too much food in large quantities is also responsible for the condition of obesity. This is because the extra calories consumed can be turned into unwanted fat.

Consumption of healthy snacks

We should replace common snacks like chips with healthier alternatives, such as bananas. Light snacks are very important to get the body mass, because it is consumed in small quantities. In addition, a healthy light snack can give you the necessary boost to gain weight.

Eat together

Eating together with others can remove your attention from the terrifying eating tigas. Under such conditions, eating feels less psychologically challenging.

Ask family or friends to eat together. This will not only increase your appetite, but also make your appetite passionate. In the end, the weight will increase with healthy.

Dining with varied menu

No one likes monotonous, including the food menu. Try varying your recipes to fit the mood. Do not let your appetite get used to the same kind of food. Over time, you will feel the weight loss of the effects of the exercise. The body naturally adjusts to the exercise. Therefore, the ability to increase metabolism and hunger decreases over time. So, it is important for you to change the exercise regime.


Exercise such as cardio exercise increases appetite. This gives the desired spike metabolism. There are 2 key hormones that control your appetite, the YM ghrelin and peptide. If the first hormone stimulates hunger, the second plays a role in controlling it. Both of these hormones are influenced by exercise.


You can change the weight training schedule by adding more weights or repetitions. You change the cardio regime to include various forms of innovative exercises, such as martial arts and swimming. It will also beat the saturation while following a boring, repetitive and monotonous heavy exercise regime.

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