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How To Easily Control Weight Loss, Worth Trying Without Torture!

Everyone who has managed to weight loss certainly knows how difficult it is to go through the program. Surely they do not want to gain weight back. For that, it takes a variety of ways to control weight loss because maintaining it is much more difficult than getting it.

This is the ways that can be done to maintain ideal body weight;

Build muscle

Exercise is one effort to make weight remains ideal. You can build muscle in the body because it can increase the body’s metabolism. Try to start lifting weights.

Eat fiber-rich foods

So that the stomach is not easy to feel hungry, you can eat vegetables and fruits. Both of these foods contain lots of fiber so that satiety after eating can last longer. That way you do not have too often look for snacks to block the hunger. In addition to vegetables and fruits, you can also eat whole grains and lean protein.

Avoid the temptation

Have dinner invitations in the evening? Think of a reason for not avoiding it. Instead of being arrogant, avoiding a dinner party can help you resist the temptation of food that causes you to gain weight. Indeed, not all dinner invitations should you reject. You certainly know which invites are really important to attend to more than just a meal.

Calculates calories

When you consult a doctor or nutritionist when you want to run a weight loss program, you must have been told about the calories that the body should receive. You have also been given information about the calories of each food consumed.

Continue to count how many calories your body needs so there is no need to eat foods that are not needed by the body. If necessary, plan whatever food menu you should consume every day according to the caloric needs of the body.

Limit the portion of the meal

Each stomach must have its own portion. Do not keep forcing to chew food just because you ‘hungry eyes’ while the stomach is full. Even if you can stop eating before the stomach feels very full.

Notice the serving of a one-time dish

To control your weight, you should pay attention to balanced nutrition guidelines. In the guidelines it is recommended serving a plate of one meal filled by vegetables one-third, carbohydrates one-third, and the other third is the side dishes and fruit.

Do not forget breakfast

This is often forgotten by many people with the excuse of being in a hurry to start an activity. In fact, breakfast can help to control weight because it avoids the desire to eat in large quantities. You can eat healthy breakfasts like oatmeal, Greek yogurt, and fresh fruit.

Weigh every day

Those who are on a diet program is not recommended to weigh every day because it can be discouraging. But, those who are maintaining an ideal body weight should be diligent weight weighing every day in order to control the food consumed.

Watch less TV

A study revealed that people who watch TV for less than ten hours each day are more successful at maintaining their weight because they do not feel lazy. Change TV watching activities with other activities that make you move a lot, brushing the bathroom for example.


This is the most influential. Your ideal weight will not last if not accompanied by physical activity. Spend at least 45-60 minutes every day or every other day to work out. You can exercise alone or go to the gym. Running is the easiest sport to do.

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