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Not Too Late to Be Slim, Follow This Healthy Diet

Not Too Late to Be Slim, Follow This Healthy Diet – The urban people are fond of maintaining a healthy body. Some of them are exercising regularly and keeping their food intake healthy and balanced. This change certainly leads to a better life.

Diet becomes one part of the healthy lifestyle. The more balanced the diet is done, the impact is expected to be better. Hence, today many types of diets that promise ideal weight loss. But, type of diet should be returned again with your own condition. Do not push yourself.

Remember! You are trying to find the ideal body. So, do not just because of the trend, you even endanger yourself. Is that a real healthy life?

But, related to a balanced diet pattern that might be your diet alternative, the Daily Mail offers there a full week’s diet by setting the number of calories from the food menu you consume. This type of diet is presented by Cornell University in the United States and published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

The basis of the creation of this type of diet is that researchers find the patient who regulated his diet showed changes to eating habits and it affects of course to weight. Well, the following form of diet:



Your habit of consuming coffee can be changed slightly. It starts from swapping Latte into a low-sugar Cappuccino. This drink contains less milk than Latte. If this habit can be done, in a week you can lose 200 calories from your diet.

After that, try to eat bread with medium slices. Do not consume more than two slices of bread per day. This bread can be a choice of your breakfast substitute. Then, on the consumption of fruit, which you usually consume wine, try to replace it with a black beriber. You need to pay attention also, do not eat snacks that are not necessary. The more you snack then, the calories eaten even more uncontrollable.



Who is fond of eating biscuits during the day, try to start changing the habit by consuming small wafers. Then, for you who are accustomed to eating Cheddar cheese, change the habit by replacing it with Parmesan. Cheese type is believed to be lower calories, you know.

After that, if you are used to eating a sandwich, change the minced meat with chopped mushrooms. This food menu changes will obviously affect your body mass. Do not worry about his nutrition. Because, mushrooms are believed to store sufficient energy sources for all day activities.



Breakfast with cereal allowed, origin weigh first. Do not just put it in your breakfast bowl. When referring to the standard of nutrition, breakfast is considered full enough with 40 grams of cereal.

Then, want to eat fish? We recommend that you select fish that do not have too much meat. After that, get used to consume fat milk calories when examined, milk fat calories less than low fat milk. Most importantly, reduce the rice! You can replace rice with potatoes or corn. The calorie? Sure less.



Planning to start the day with fruit juice, you simply consume 150 ml. No more! With tarakan so, nutritionists said it was enough fruit in the morning fruits. You need to pay attention to sugar intake, yes. Then, to fry food, as much as possible to avoid cooking oil or even butter. As much as possible replace it with olive oil.



Go, who plans to consume alcohol at night, should not. Yes, to work around this, you can replace it with a diet cola or even none at all. Then, for the food menu, do not eat fried rice. Choose boiled rice with tandoori. The food is considered to be lower in calories.

Snacks you can change by eating avocados. After that, if you plan to consume corn chips, choose a sauce not saol chili. But replace it with a crushed cucumber and pepper. It feels really hot!



Hungry during the day? Consumption of chicken wings may be the choice. Do not fry, yes. As much as possible in the steamed or put in the soup. After that, drink as much as possible do not drink alcohol or soda. Water is enough. If it feels bland, you can replace it with fruit juice without sugar.



Planning to use the cream in the snack, you can replace it from double creme to extra thick cream. Mespi more, the calorie content is less because the basis of the cream is single. Then, as the day’s cover, you can have dinner with lamb meat compared to other meats. Fewer saturated fats!

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