How You Read the Food Labels at the Back of Package
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Nutritional Value on Food Product: How You Read the Food Labels at the Back of Package

No matter how you look at it, good nutrition is important for you to tackle any workout regimens. That is why you can’t be too careless in choosing what’s to eat and what’s to drink. If you want to do some snacking then, it is important for you to pay extra attention to the nutritional value on food product you choose. It is usually written at the back of the package. Let us tell you how to read it.

The Calories Inside of Food Product

First than anything, you will have to watch for the product’s calories. Make comparison from one product to another. Of course, when it comes to that, it is always better to choose one with fewer calories per serving. Take ones with 40 calories would make a good choice. However, you have to note that it is better to pick high calorie food nutritional value if it contains more nutrients to offer.

The Carbohydrates of the Product

Carbohydrates in the nutritional value on food product must be well thought out as well. Product nutritional value of this content is usually written as grams total, grams of sugar, and grams of dietary fiber. Many packaged foods are high in sugar, like sucrose and fructose, so be careful. Also, fiber for adults has to be at least 25-30 grams and 5 grams for kids per day. Check this out as well.

The Fats in Packaged Food Product

The last major content, but not least one in the product, is none other than fats. When it comes to fats in packaged food nutrition facts, be careful with the saturated fats. Get too much intake of it can increase the risk of getting heart disease. So, make sure that you choose foods with 35% or less of fat calories in the nutritional value on food product. Don’t opt to high saturated and trans fat foods!


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